Out Loud

Out Loud is The Andy Warhol Museum’s inclusive audio guide. While meant for all visitors, this iOS application was designed in partnership with visitors who are blind or have low vision. Out Loud uses bluetooth low-energy beacons to push out content to visitors based on location. The app departs from traditional audio guides in a major way: our “learning player” breaks content into smaller, modular audio files that allow visitors to dive deeper if they’d like to learn more—and allows us to reorder content based on user interests and needs. In addition to being optimized for the iOS Voiceover screenreader and dynamic type, Out Loud offers visual descriptions and audio-guided experiences of tactile reproductions of Warhol art works. In 2017, the American Alliance of Museums awarded Out Loud the gold MUSE award for mobile applications.

A woman holds an audio guide mobile device and listens to it via headphones. She is touching a tactile reproduction of a work by Andy Warhol. The tactile reproduction is about 2 feet tall, white, and is positioned at a 45 degree angle.

I spearheaded the development of this project from conceptualization to launch. In the role as project manager and user experience lead, I worked with a team of two developers and two content specialists to conduct user research, design prototypes, develop content, and ultimately oversee the development of an iOS app. We worked closely with community members with varying visual impairments through out the conceptualization, design, and testing process. I also worked with Prime Access Consulting to produce visual descriptions, which are in-depth audio files that give a sense of what a work looks like for audiences with visual impairments and encourage sighted visitors to engage in close looking.


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