Pop-Up Digital Lab

In October 2016, I spearheaded a Pop-Up Digital Lab during The Andy Warhol Museum’s annual Teacher Open House event. We transformed an area of the museum’s lobby into a space where teachers were invited to participate in facilitated and unfacilitated activities, sharing how they use technology, testing existing digital resources, and providing feedback on how to improve our digital offerings in the future. The Pop-Up Digital Lab was a fun and fast way to collect data as we start new digital projects and revamp old ones.

Two large pieces of brown paper are taped to a silver wall in the Andy Warhol Museum entrance space. Two women, both wearing black, are leaning against the wall and filling out sticky notes to contribute to the Inspiration Wall.

A woman watches as two older women arrange the large white index cards on the counter. One woman wears a black sweater with a ghost near the collar and pumpkins around the opening of her sleeve. She has short brown hair and thin, rectangular glasses. The woman next to her has short lighter brown hair and hot pink fingernails. She wears a burgundy tracksuit jacket with two white stripes down the sleeve.

This close up shows one of the large pieces of brown paper, attached to the wall with blue painters' tape, from the Inspiration Wall after the Pop-Up Digital Lab. "What digital tools do you use in the classroom?" is written in black marker at the top of paper. A number of options are written below the title, and colorful dot sticker "votes" surround the options.

A pile of bright orange and green response cards


Pop-Up Digital Lab: Learning From and About Teachers on The Warhol Blog